Photographs of Tenby, Pembrokeshire by Tim Hill
19th December 2016

My Adobe Lightroom Presets

For a while now I have been toying with the idea of creating my own set of Adobe Lightroom Presets, with an eye on making some of these free and also making a premium bundle for a small fee of around $5 or maybe a voluntary contribution.

Photographs around Filey beach by Tim Hill

As many of you know, a preset looks different on any given image, what works for one image may well not work for another. My presets would be designed to instantly start you off processing an image from a place you would not expect your image to be and might not have thought of yourself. I emphasise the words ‘starting point‘, presets always work best with your own touch to suit the image and make it look uniquely your own, but a good starting point nonetheless.

Many of you know I am an honest person, money does matter and this website costs money each month, which of course comes out of my pocket. If I could meet half the cost I would be happy. That said, everything in photography I do with a passion and really enjoy, Lightroom Presets would be no different. A hell of a lot of work, but a labour of love all the same and real satisfaction in the knowledge that one day they were helping people take their image processing to a different level.

I will send this post to G+, Facebook, etc. In this case I really would like your thoughts on the subject below this post.

Is anyone interested if I create Adobe Lightroom Preset packages for your use?



  • Tony Townend 2nd January 2017

    looking good my friend 🙂 the presets are a great idea

    • Tim 2nd January 2017

      Cheers Tony, I hope they help.

  • Tim 24th December 2016

    Thank you for all the feedback (most of it not here), I will start a free Adobe Lightroom preset pack in the new year, more will follow, both free and £3 preset packages. Lets see how things go? …

  • Richard Chambers 19th December 2016

    I would go for that. At the suggested price I would be interested. Roughly how many presets are you thinking of?

    • Tim 19th December 2016

      Hello Richard .. Firstly thank you very much for taking time to leave feedback. At this stage how many presets per package is a hard one to answer. Free, maybe 5 per download. Paid/contributed 10 to 25. I am sorry I cannot be more specific at this stage.

  • Ela 19th December 2016

    Good idea😄😄

    • Tim 19th December 2016

      Thank you for leaving feedback Ela, appreciated 😉

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