Photographs of Scarborough in North Yorkshire by Tim Hill
30th April 2017

A good weekend photographing in Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

It was an April bank holiday weekend and we were in Scarborough, North Yorkshire from Saturday 15th to Tuesday 19th 2017. I say we, the main reason of going to Scarborough was to have a good time with the family, which we did! But you don’t want to know about all that 😉

On our way to Scarborough, heading down the A1 and A64, we could not help but notice the number of Mods (What are Mods?) on vintage and some very nicely painted Lambrettas (scooters). Guess where they were going! Yeaaah Scarborough! The place was crawling with 1000’s of scooters & mods. All were very friendly and there purely to get together for an auto-jumble in the famous Spa Theatre and to have a good time, which they did without bothering a single person, if fact, they would stop the traffic with their scooters to let old ladies across the road, real gentlemen in 2017. Every guest house and hotel in Scarborough had a line at scooters in the car park or on the side of the pavement. I think Scarborough council know how much money they bring into the town and there was not a traffic warden to be seen all weekend, good stuff!

Back to the photography … Any photographer worth her or his salt will tell you, photography is 70% or more cock up and disaster, sprinkled with the odd bit of bad luck, followed by 30% feel good factor when all goes right and the images come good. Scarborough for me was no exception!

Photography in Scarborough, north Yorkshire, Tim Hill.

I got out of bed Sunday morning on the alarm going off at 5am, after a disturbed night sleeping in a strange bed (you know the feeling.) I scurried around the apartment try to find all my gear and get dressed, keys, money, phone etc without waking the family up. I am normally better prepared but we were on holiday!! :-S

I started the car and headed to were, having done research at home, I thought would be a good spot to photograph on the south side of Scarborough. As I drove there, first light was in full swing and I knew I had it wrong, bloody computers and sun calculating websites!

Having no even got out of the car, I turned around and headed for the extreme north side of Scarborough. As a photographer, amateur or otherwise, you have expectations and preconceptions of images you want and expect to come home with, when all starts going wrong you silently panic, I was at that stage. I found a place to park the car, the sunrise was happening, I was missing it and I did not know the cliffs were I would try capturing the first sunrise shot. I ran down the road and up the steep steps to the cliff top. On getting to the top of the cliff I knew I had made a mistake again. The top was scrub grass with no foreground interest, the sea below the cliff was hardly picturesque and the rising sun was just a sun with minimal clouds to add glow and interest. Shit, now what?*!!

Now was the time to place my gear on the grass, take a deep breath, have a look around me, and chill out for five minutes while I decided what to do next. The sunrise which I had now missed had been poor which made me feel better. I picked up my gear and headed back down the steep cliff side steps to the base of the cliffs where I hand held the shot below. The image seemed nice in the back of the camera, I was inspired again, I had an image in the bag.

Photography in Scarborough, north Yorkshire, Tim Hill.

The rest of the weekend photography wise comprised of shooting more early morning stills and lots of time-lapse video.

Over the last year I have developed a real liking for doing time-lapse. I love to see the scene come alive instead of being flat in a still image. Many people shy away from time-lapse purely because it takes time and is a lot of work. As an example, the time-lapse footage of Scarborough comprised of over 1400 still images of various scenes around Scarborough to make 1 minute and 34 seconds of footage. How ever much work, you have something unique at the end that will be on YouTube and around the net for many years come, so all very much worth the effort.

To end, here are a few more images I look over the weekend at Scarborough. Feel free to comment and ask as many questions as you like if you are thinking of doing your own time-lapse video.

Photography in Scarborough, north Yorkshire, Tim Hill.

Photography in Scarborough, north Yorkshire, Tim Hill.