Lightroom Presets by Tim Hill
26th December 2016

Lightroom Presets Page now up and Running

Presets download page now live ..
As promised I have put a preset package download page in place where I will keep adding my favourite Lightroom processing presets as I make them.

To start with I had in my mind making packages of both free and premium download. The more I think about charging for presets the more I lean towards making them all free with an option to donate should anyone wish/want to help with website running costs.

As some of you may have seen, my first preset pack consists of 5 simple selective colour presets – Selective; Orange, Red, Blue, Green and Yellow is now up for free download. The presets are simple but can work well on the right image, as seen in the image above. They will not work for every image and will take further processing/refining in Lightroom to make them fit your image and get everything just right.

New ideas for presets are always welcome and will be considered. Please write your suggestions in the comment area below.



  • Carmel Correale 28th December 2016

    Looks lovely but I would not know how to use maybe later on when I get a laptop and can find where everything is without clicking on and off the i Pad

    • Tim 28th December 2016

      Hi Carmel thank you. A laptop would be easier to process images. You would first need to purchase and install Adobe Lightroom. On my preset download page there is a link to a video that shows in simple steps how to install my presets. Kind regards 😉

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